Mixing It Up

1 Mar

I’m going to mix things up a bit here..

Before I got a smartphone I always said I would create a blog where I would post the things I saw on a day to day basis. “I’ll take pictures with the phone’s camera and then upload it to a blog with my neat data plan!”, I would say. Well, since I don’t visit Target daily or hang around long enough to catch a real winner, I thought I’d change the definition of “people of target”. Anything or anyone can be my target. Bad parking, God awful grammar (my fiance calls me a grammar Nazi), weird outfits, hilarious signs – anything worth noting. I have so many pictures on my phone of the aforementioned crimes than I know what to do with. I need an outlet and Facebook just isn’t cutting it! I turn to you, oh soothing blog-o-sphere. I give you.. my People of Target.

Laser target


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