Crack is wack

11 Dec


Don’t do it kids..


Flower FAIL

11 Sep

This sweet thing was spotted outside the Comcast Service Center in New Castle, DE.

Wow! What a steal!

Image courtesy of eaglesfan. 🙂

Blind, Illiterate or Just Plain Dumb?

6 Sep

EIGHT signs at my local Moe’s that ask you – practically beg you! – not to lean on the glass… and morons like this STILL lean on the glass!! WTF is going on??




Effing annoying!!

The Ugly Side of Low-rise

25 Aug


Maybe you should look into Mid Rise jeans. Our eyes will thank you!

People of Target: Oahu, Hawaii Edition

11 Aug


I was shocked. Seriously.

Although, it’s possible it may have been someone originally from the mainland.

Special Target: Gretchen Carlson

24 Jun

I don’t think this particular target really needs much introduction. The quote below says it all.

presidency is like being an anchor

“This is what being president of the United States is all about. It’s these tough, huge monumental decisions. It’s not about how you run a campaign. It’s not about whether or not you’re popular. It’s not about whether or not you’re a celebrity, good looking, tall or short. It’s in the time of crisis making these executive decisions. It’s just like our job. From a day-to-day basis, a lot of times where there’s big breaking news, we just sort of roll along. But what’s the role of an anchor during huge breaking news? You remember growing up? You tune to the television and that one moment during the year, they would have to carry a story all alone. It’s the same thing as being the President of the United States.”—Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson comparing her job duties to the same level as our President’s.

“Insulting the administration” is right.

What Not To Wear (Bahama Breeze Edition)

23 Jun

Sweet cheeks here was kind enough to grace us with it’s presence at a Bahama Breeze this past weekend. I had my back to it but caught it on film while trying to be obnoxious for an entirely different reason. 😉

i need a belt

Poor fella.. can’t afford a belt in this tough economy.